Sunday, October 22, 2006

Lemax Village Collection

My obsession...

I have no idea how or why, but I've started a love affair with Lemax houses and I see no signs of it stopping. Anyone who knows me knows that this is not a look that I normally choose. I tend to be more colonial in my decor, but there's something about these little buildings that make me smile.

My husband and daughter really liked it during the holiday season and were sad to see me put it away in January. I hope to have it up a bit earlier this year.

I started my collection in the fall of 2005 and have gone crazy trying to gather all of the buildings I like. My display was very pitiful last year - but not horrible considering it was my first try and the space I used really limited my options. This year I have big plans. Don't know if they'll actually happen, but it's been fun dreaming all year.

I'm losing track of all of my village houses - here's a list of my collection as of July 2006. I've been busy shopping and forgot to keep track. Will add newest houses when I set up for the season.

Houses Alphabetical Order
  1. A Taste of Italy
  2. All Saints Cathedral 45101
  3. Amy’s Bridal Shop 25653
  4. Apothecary - Herbalist Shop
  5. Ashford House
  6. Beaumont Inn 25691
  7. Bill’s Produce Mart 55261 - Box says Michael’s only
  8. Brown’s Taxidermy
  9. Cape Estate
  10. Carl’s Barber Shop 55271
  11. Cedar Cabin 15589
  12. Chelsea’s Pub 45053
  13. Chiariello’s Italian Bakery 26287
  14. Creek Side Cabin 45060
  15. Dawson’s Upholstery Shop 35790
  16. Eagles Nest Fire Lookout 24818
  17. East Mooreland Windmill
  18. Evergreen Drug Store & Pharmacy
  19. First National Bank 55204
  20. Gingerbread House
  21. Gregory James Chimney Sweep 25565
  22. Handles Bake Shop 45019
  23. Heritage Furniture Store
  24. Heritage Park Clock Tower 35782
  25. Hobart House 45036
  26. Holiday House 45042
  27. Hotel Royal 45041
  28. Jaque’s Grandfather Clocks 45026
  29. Kelly’s Fine Furniture 054961
  30. Laurel House 16243
  31. Little River Church 45069
  32. Log Cabin Quilts 15584
  33. Lucy’s Chocolate Shop 45052
  34. Mary Lou’s Preserves 35804
  35. Mountain Breeze Retreat 45074
  36. Mountain View Woodworks Studio 55242
  37. Nelson’s Photography 25655
  38. Norma’s Millinery 450492
  39. No 3 Hook & Ladder 15578
  40. Oliver House
  41. Palace of Porcelain Goods 95359
  42. Parlour Car 05470
  43. Plymouth Corners Post Office 35836
  44. Public Library
  45. Ron's Fish & Tackle
  46. Row House Apartments/Curio Shop 45105
  47. St. Nicholas Church 16244
  48. St. Paul’s Cathedral 35792
  49. Santa's Wonderland Sleigh Station
  50. Sawyer Mill
  51. Seaboard Station 45033
  52. Seaport Village Church 25693
  53. Taylor Residence 55205
  54. The Rialto Theater 55273
  55. ‘Tis the Season Gift Shop 15585
  56. Town Hall 45070
  57. Town Hall
  58. Wheeler House 45008
  59. Vail Plaza 45075
  60. Village General Store 45061
  61. Village Goldsmith 25683
  62. Village Law Office 16242
  63. Village Sign Shop 35884
  64. Wagman’s Department Store 55232
  65. Walker's General Store
  66. Walker Residence 45078
  67. Whatley's Elementary School
  68. Wilson Homestead
  69. Wilson's Residence

  • Train
  • Farm Wagon
  • Small Village Mountain
  • Village Mountain
  • Large Mountain Village Backdrop
  • Mountain Waterfall
  • Display Platform
  • Display Platform XL
  • City Landscape Set
  • Flexible Sisal Hedge
  • Mountain Backdrop w/ trees
  • Gilded Gazebo
  • Stone Stairway
  • Dashing through the Snow
  • Holiday Hayride
  • Wooden Ranger Tower
  • Fieldstone Footbridge
  • Fire Chief Wagon

Currier & Ives
  • American Country Life
  • Winter Evening
  • Winter in the Country
  • Winter Morning in the Country
  • The Old Swiss Mill
  • The Season of Love Church
  • American Farm Scene #1


nicolai said...

hi,im nicolai, 23 y/o. im also starting to collect chistmas houses. where were you able to buy yours? i find it really hard to look for christmas houses.please message me back as im really interested in keeping my collection going. thanks a lot! :)

Dempsey said...


I tried to go to your blog to respond to you, but yours is private, so I wasn't able to do so. Therefore, I hope you're able to find this comment.

I have collected them from all types of places and have many more now that are not listed.

Unfortunately, it looks as though I will no longer be able to put up my Lemax displays due to permanent health problems. I've spent most of this past year either in bed or at seeing a new doctor.

Do you live in the US? If so, I have one heck of a collection and if you're interested, I'd be willing to offer you a great price for my collection. I'd rather know that someone else is getting enjoyment out of my collection than know that it's sitting in storage doing nothing.

If you're interested, let me know and I'll have my daughter help me get an updated list of my collection.

Take care and good luck with your collection!